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Our Conferences

The IVSS-Churchear Conferences for Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing have a multiple purpose:

  • It is a forum for exchanging ideas among those who are professionally occupied with the pastoral care among har of hearing.
  • It is a forum where problems hearing impaired persons meet in their parishes, and how they may be solved.
  • It is a forum where we can share experiences and inspire each other to work within our domestic churches, parishes and diaconal organisations.

The conferences are bilingual, English and German.

Our next conference will be in Strasbourg in France in September 2018, from the 13th to the 17th. The conference planning is made jointly by the board and a national preparatory committee.

Please see the detailed information about the 2018 Conference by clicking here!

You may also register for the 2018 International Conference for Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing by clicking here.


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