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How to become a member?
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How to become a member?

Persons who wish to become individual members of IVSS-Chuchear, are requested to send an e-mail to the board, presenting themselves and their involvment with pastoral care among hard of hearing.
Churches, dioceses and church related organisations or institutions that wish to become corporate members of IVSS-Churchear, send an e-mail to the board, presenting themselves and how they will commit themselves to our cause.
All appications will be treated on the first board meeting after the application has been received.
As a member you:
  • will be invited to attend our international conferances.
  • have access to the members only pages on our web site.
  • are able to take part in the discussions on our web forum - or start a discussion yourself.
  • have access to the general assembley fo IVSS-Churchear.
  • are elegible to the board.
  • have access to the contact information for all our members.
  • are able to administer your own contact information on our web site.
  • Participate in our online Forum.
  • may pay your membership fee online.
  • may pay your conference fees online.
  • - and there is more to come!
The annual membership fee is EUR 20,- for individual members and EUR 150,- for corporate members.


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