Between the conferences the board is involved in a number of activities, preparing the upcoming conference or representing IVSS Churchear on various occasions.

Upcoming board activities are:

2022, September: Board meetings before and after the conference in Eisenach.

2022, September 22nd-24th: Postponed EFHOH and IFHOH conference and GA in Budapest, Hungary. Our secretary will represent IVSS Churchear.

2022, probably in November: Board meeting. Starting the planning for our next international conference.

During the period 2022-2024 the board will take part in 5 Erasmus+ conferences, sponsored by EU. These will mostly be combined with our board meetings, thus keeping our board meeting costs low.

The board also has received several invitations to visit existing or possibly coming corporate members. When International travels again are made possible we shall try to honour these invitations.