What’s going in Bulgaria and if the churches are doing something aboutthe people with hearing disabilities?

Something is done by the NGO sector in Bulgaria through the wide funding from the EU for our country. The religious communities are not at all active.The academic groups have developed a Dictionary for gesture signs ontheological and religious terminology 2 years ago and it is taught in somehigher education institutions.

Recently was lunched a fundraising campaign to build a National Centerfor gesture services for the hearing impaired and I am sending you some moredetailed info below.

The campaign was launched on: 03/10/2015

Fundraising campaign to build a National Center forgesture services for the hearing impaired:

Required amount: 39 800 lev

Collected through ePay: 0 lev

Collected in UBB: 0 lev

SMS sent from the beginning of 2015: 116 number

Subscriptions 2 lev of 2015: 0 pieces.

Foundation “Listen to” initiated the charity campaign tocreate modern National Center for gesture in Bulgaria. The funds that we raiseare necessary for his physical build.

The main problem that has caused our goal is social exclusion andinability to normal communication of deaf people with the rest of society inBulgaria. As a result, Deaf in Bulgaria very often unable to conduct normaldialogue and gain public, health, social and other services from municipal andstate institutions. For example lack of gestural translation emergencydepartment can be life-threatening.

Deaf cannot communicate freely with each in his personal life. Difficultto implement socially and professionally.

National Center for gesture will provide services to the people of thequiet community in Bulgaria are two main types of services related to thegestural translation and assistance in the application: 1) offline and 2)online via video link, particularly in cases where it is necessary to usepublic services in municipal and state institutions, doctor, hospital,emergency room, etc.. 

Our noble purpose is thus to overcome communication barriers and makecommunication for deaf people in Bulgaria general public.

Subscribers under contract with Telenor, VIVACOM and Mtel price of asingle donor 1 sms is 1 lev. For users of prepaid services of the three mobileoperators the cost of one sms is 1.20 lev VAT. Upon subscription donation tothe subscriber account each month will be charged the amount indicated by theselected campaign. The subscription fee is 2 or 5 lev. VAT is not charged.Prepaid customers cannot use this mechanism. Each subscriber can subscribe toonly one campaign. A real act of donation is considered payment of donor sms tomobile operators, and not their dispatch. More information can be found HERE.

 Chosen campaign receives at least 90 % of all financial revenues.The remaining amount covers the maintenance and support of the short number17777, administrative costs DMS project and untaken payments by mobileoperators incorrect customers. More information can be found HERE.

Rev. Hierodeacon Petar Gramatikov
Global Council Trustee – United Religions Initiatives

Vice-President of BRIDGES “Eastern European Forum for Dialogue”
Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiatives (URI Europe)
Blvd. “Princess Maria-Louisa” # 34, apt. 24; BG-4000  PLOVDIV; Bulgaria

Mobile: +359-888 55 77 32
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B: petargramatikoff.blogspot.com

F: https://bg-bg.facebook.com/bridges.forum

Geocode for Philippopoli/Plovdiv, Bulgaria:Latitude: 42.15 / Longitude: 24.75


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