Since 2012 IVSS Churchear has had contact with pastors working with Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing in Cameroon. One of them, rev. André Christophe Bikond, himself severely hard of hearing, has sent us an illustrated report about his work Among all other tasks he is also responsible for the erection of Cameroon’s first dedicated church for hard of hearing and deaf people.

1. Deaf and hard ofhearing receiving Christmas presents in the presence ofteachers, doctor, socials workers and government representatives.

2. Boarding school for deaf and hard of hearing children in Obala. The children say grace together with rev. Andre before the meal.

3. At the school in Obala: Before class starts in the morning rev. André leads children and teachers in The Lord’s Prayer.

4. Rev. Andre with hard of hearing teachers and some children during a break between two classes.

5. Construction works at the school in Obala. Two class rooms have been build. Building the next five rooms and a teachers’ office is pending due to lack of funds.

6. Construction pending due to lack of funds.

7. The free Presbyterian church in Eseka: Rev. André leading an ecumenical worship together with the local pastor, an Anglican bishop from the USA and a French missionary.

8. Deaf and hard of hearing parishioners outside the Eseka church.

9. Rev. André and Lutheran pastor Adamou at a worship for hard of hearing and dear in Yaoundé.

10. Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults singing and dancing.

11. Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults paying attention the rev. André’s sermon.

12. After worship it is time for refreshments, fruit and juice.

13. Rev. Andr (in black robe) and rev. Adamou.

14. The two pastors with some deaf and hard of hearing parishioners.

Rev. Andr´´e writes:

Hi bro,
Hope that you are amazed to see our pictures and activities. Please send them to the appropriatemembers and their website because i have no experiences to use website.
For the school at Obala we need sponsors for 5 classrooms and rooms for boarding deaf and hard ofhearing who come from far. Classrooms cost 6.000.000 frs / EUR 107.693.
We pray for God’s and members’ support.
Pastor André Christophe Bikond
Hard of hearing

Rev. André has also sent us the plan drawings for the projected church for hard of hearing and deaf in Eseka::

He writes:

Hi bro,
Hope you have receivedmy email concerning our activities of Pastoral care in Cameroun.
Now I am sending you pictures and plan construction of the church ear in Eseka.
The chapel will have the induction loops and direct connection for the hard of hearing like the first picture.
We thank IVSS members for their intended support and we are continuing to pray for the success of this projects.
If you have some  questions please contact us. For, your decisions and views are very important.
Please help us to present this projects at the forum. Please help us forward to the forum. Thanks
Blessings to all the members of IVSS.
Pastor André Christophe Bikond
Founder and Director of Pastoral Care among Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Cameroun
Hard of hearing