Become a Sponsor

IVSS Churchear is looking for sponsors to support our work. Through the years hearing aid providers have in various ways supported our conferences, and we appreciate the support that we have received over the years.

We are, however, trying to get permanent sponsors as well, to build up a foreseeable economy making it possible to reach out to churches in countries where the financial situation makes the necessary impedes necessary measures to include hard of hearing people.

Manufacturers of hearing aid, CI and loop systems will be among our natural sponsors. As the technical development increases the possibilities for hard of hearing persons to use mobile phones, even mobile phone producers will be natural sponsors to our work. We will also welcome the support of other companies as well.

Representing a rapidly growing customer group IVSS Churchear ought to be an interesting forum for all providers of hearing related equipment.

Interested in Sponsoring Us?

Permanent Sponsorship

  • Your logo will be placed on our website with a short description of the company and with a link to your own web site.
  • Annual cost: 250 €

Other Sponsorship Options

  • Sponsoring materials (brochures etc.)
  • Supporting a conference

Please contact our secretary for more information.